Summer means sizzling hot sales at the Team Unicorn store. Don’t you want new shiny UnicornGear? We do too!!! We’re blowing out our store to make room for new merchandise.

Fellas, we are treating you extra special this sale, because sometimes you boys just deserve a little extra awesome. All Men’s Tshirts are 50% off!! Women’s Tshirts are 30% off! Everything else in the store is 20% off. And if you are a member of our Uni-Corps, then you can use the special code word in your newsletter for an additional 10% off!!! Yeah. That’s where it’s at.  If you aren’t a member, sign up today!

And finally, we only have a few more of our limited edition Valentine’s Day Tshirts left. Once they’re gone, they’re gone forever, so buy yours today!

See you at Comic Con!!


Team Unicorn

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