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    Hi Unicorns, fans, random visitors and Proudfoots.

    Syeväers is a fantasy world which grows in my mind for over a decade. Haryons are the first book taking place in this world and a fantasy movie based on this book, set to be released at the end of 2014. One of the main characters will be played by the Team Unicorn’s Michele Boyd.

    …and as you have probably guessed, that’s also just a fantasy. BUT. I will write the book one day (well, I will write the story in some form and publish it online for free, I am no professional writer), I fill dedicated wiki with the lore (not public yet), the movie has a cast, and with my friend we draw artworks for the movie. It’s a fantasy inside a fantasy.

    Anyway, check the links if you’re interested, and here’s a picture of Michele as an Elf.

    Facebook page
    Cast on IMDB
    Tumblr with concept art

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