Need your Team Unicorn fix?

Join the Team at Comikaze Expo, Los Angeles’ first and only large-scale, multi-media pop culture convention, for signings, photos, a panel (to be announced later) and all the fun unicorn merchandise you could wish for.

Comikaze is a pop culture event embracing all genres, including sci-fi, fantasy, horror and cult—with vendors and panels showing similar diversity. They offer something to satisfy every type of convention-goer, from fanboys and gamers to browsers and collectors. There will be sanctioned tournaments for video, card and board games featuring a wide-range of coveted prizes, including cash awards. Vendors sell exclusive, rare and limited editions of comics, collectibles, art, toys and other hard-to-find merchandise. Best of all, Comikaze culminates in a masquerade event that partygoers will never forget.

What are the show hours?
Saturday, November 5th
Sunday, November 6th

How do I get tickets?
Tickets can be purchased HERE!

See ya there!