NEW Star Wars Parody Music Video!!

Hi. Hello. It’s been a while. What happened to us? Where did we go??
Maybe we just went to the Dark Side….it’s pretty fantastic over here. Cookies and shit.

Presented by Nerdist, & directed by Sean Becker,
please enjoy and share our newest parody music video,

“All About that Base”

based off Meghan Trainor’s song: “All About that Bass”
Watch the video HERE!!!!

**Did you miss us? We missed you. We hope you enjoy our new video as much we do.**

Casting Announcement for the Adult Swim Pilot

So, here’s what we have learned from making our first television pilot. First-pilots for television are a loooooong process. Second-animation is an even looooonger process. But now that we have made some serious progress, and finalized some details, Adult Swim has announced our amazing new cast for the Saturday Action Fun Hour! We couldn’t be more excited Alison Haislip has joined the team as our Blue Unicorn, along with Jane Lynch, Alan Tudyk, Tara Strong and Kevin Shinick. Written by Dan Milano.

Check out our Deadline announcement below!

All the Feels!!!!!

Jane Lynch, Alan Tudyk Among Cast Set For Adult Swim’s ‘Team Unicorn’ Pilot From Robot Chicken Duo

Production is underwayTeam Unicorn SAFH photo by Eric Blackmon (1) on the Team Unicorn Saturday Action Fun Hour! pilot for Adult Swim. Penned by Dan Milano (Greg The Bunny) and inspired by the Team Unicorn cartoons, the pilot is described as a modern twist on Saturday morning-style cartoon/live-action hybrid shows, but for adults. It follows the adventures of the four mythical heroines who masquerade as human girls. Danger Maiden Prods’ Clare Grant and Rileah Vanderbilt executive produce and star alongside original Team Unicorn member Milynn Sarley (How I Met Your Mother) and Alison Haislip (Attack Of The Show) as both Team Unicorn and their cartoon counterparts. Jane Lynch (Glee, Hollywood Game Night) voices the villainous Dark Puba; Alan Tudyk (Suburgatory) voices her sidekick, Chummy Cherub; Tara Strong (The Fairly OddParents) voices Billy, the boy with the ability to summon Team Unicorn; and Kevin Shinick (Mad) is the show’s announcer. Robot Chicken creators Seth Green and Matthew Senreich serve as executive producers for Stoopid Buddy Stoodios. Green is directing the pilot.
Danger Maiden Productions was formed in 2009 when Grant and Vanderbilt wrote/produced and starred in the viral video Saber, which won Best Action and the Audience Awards at the Lucasfilm Fan Awards. Recently they completed the trilogy, which has racked up more than 7 million views collectively. Team Unicorn first was introduced to geek and female empowerment fans in 2010 via G33K & G4M3R Girls, written and produced by its original members. The viral-video sensation captured a million views in its first week as a geek-centric parody of Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” music video. Other Team Unicorn videos include Alien Beach Crashers, SuperHarmony, A Very Zombie Holiday and For The Win.

Adult Swim announces new pilot with Team Unicorn

We are incredibly excited to announce we are teaming up with the creators of Robot Chicken on a pilot with Adult Swim. Details to come! In the mean time, enjoy the Deadline announcement below!

Adult Swim Announces New Series & Pilots

By NELLIE ANDREEVA | Friday May 10, 2013

Ahead of Adult Swim‘s upfront next Wednesday, which will feature a performance by Kanye West, the network has set a slate of new animated and live-action series, pilots and specials. It includes previously announced new half-hour animated comedy series Rick And Morty, from Community creator Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, which is set to premiere in primetime later this year; a Mike Tyson quarter-hour animated series featuring the former boxer as a mystery solver; and off-network acquisition Bob’s Burgers, which launches this summer. 2013 marks Adult Swim’s most-watched year to date among adults and males 18-24, 18-34, and 18-49. Here are details about the network’s new original series, specials and pilots:

Team UnicornThe Team Unicorn Saturday Action Fun Hour! is a modern send-up of Saturday morning kids’ shows featuring a team of four sexy, culture-obsessed heroines who present darkly ironic twists on 80′s cartoon tropes. From the creators of Robot Chicken. Live-action/animation hybrid quarter-hour.

Unicorns + Alcohol + Cards Against Humanity = A Magical Disaster.

or children.
or dragons.

Hello Unicorns!!!

In honor of two of our all time favorite unicorns, Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day,
Team Unicorn got together for their International Table Top Day celebration to play the most fun (and dirty) games ever made:
Cards Against Humanity.

We have two videos for you.

You’re welcome.

Unicorns Against Humanity Part One:

Do yourself a favor and watch this video four times, picking one unicorn to watch the entire time. You may learn something about your favorite unicorn.

Unicorns Against Humanity Part Two:

We warned you. Now we’re warning you again. Not safe for work. Or children. Or dragons…apparently.

Team Unicorn at Wonder Con!!

Hello Unicorns!!!

Have you missed us? We’ve missed you. Come get your Unicorn fix this weekend at Wonder Con in Anaheim. We will be there wandering the con floors, of course. But we will also be there doing a couple of really special things.

  • Saturday March 30, 2pm – 3pm: Signing at the We Love Fine booth, to promote the new My Little Pony tshirts designed by US!!!!! BOOTH 1219
  • Saturday March 30, 3:15pm – 4:15pm: Photo Op at the 501st booth for charity!! BOOTH 1187

And that’s it folks!! Stop by either of those booths to chat, take a picture, and be the very first person to own a Team Unicorn designed My Little Pony tshirt.

Unicorns OUT!!

Team Unicorn article on Hello!!!!

Thank you HelloGiggles for an amazing article!!

 Geek Girls and Unicorns: They Exist!

by Rachael Berkey

There are a lot of girls to look up to on the Internet. Well. There are a lot of girls – and women – or ladies – whatever you want to call us – to look up to whether you’re online or offline. Some of my favorite geek girl role models are right online though, so that’s why I started this out saying there are a lot of girls to look up to on the Internet.

I won’t be terribly surprised if you haven’t heard of these ladies though. They’re kind of a cult hit. And you should know, the girls of Team Unicorn are more than kind of awesome.

Team Unicorn makes spoof and comedy videos of the sci-fi persuasion. They have great music, awesome costumes, famous collaborators and wicked senses of humor.

Fan of classic movies and aliens? Check out Alien Beach Crashers with Zachary Levi and Pete Wentz.

Fan of zombies? Check out A Very Zombie Holiday.

Next time the online dating scene just gets to be too much, and you need a laugh, watch superHarmony, which I think is my favorite.

If you just want to see what Team Unicorn is all about, check out their first project: G33K & G4M3R Girls. It’s a love letter to all things geek.

I started following Team Unicorn on twitter over a year ago. Co-founded by Clare Grant, Michele Boyd, Milynn Sarley, and Rileah Vanderbilt, the ladies of Team Unicorn embrace their femininity right alongside their hardcore love of video games and fan-favorite genres like science fiction, fantasy, and horror, and show by example that one can be super girly and super geeky all at the same time.

Geek Girls and Unicorns: They Exist!

The thing I love most about Team Unicorn, is the positivity they portray on the Internet. They look like they have a lot of fun doing the projects they do, making the videos they make, and participating in all aspects of entertainment culture. They go to conventions; they cosplay with a level of detail that makes my jaw drop, and everyone I’ve met in the geeky community who has met them says they are beyond sweet and nice to all their fans.

Alongside the fun of their projects and general awesomeness of all four ladies who are part of Team Unicorn, is the very real message that girls can be any thing they want to be. Pinned to the top of their website is the message “Because, like unicorns, geek girls were not supposed to exist” and the idea is one I think a lot of us forget. While the Internet has become a place where you can find all kinds of people and make all kinds of friends, there’s still a lot of judgement and a lot of attitude that reeks of “go find your own playground” when it comes to fan communities. Whenever I need a reminder that I can fall in fan with whatever I like, I find myself heading for a Team Unicorn project to raise my spirits.

Next time you’re on the look out for some entertainment that will make you let out a squeal-filled laugh at references to pop culture you maybe thought you forgot about, you should give Team Unicorn a chance.

Images via Team Unicorn

Our NEW Music Video “FOR THE WIN”!!!

For the Win!

Team Unicorn smashes their way back onto the music scene alongside Dave Yarvo &  Stage 5 TV with this video for their first original song “For The Win”, bringing together a nerd army to destroy evil in a post-apocalyptic world while promoting truth, justice and the Unicorn way.



Starring Team Unicorn (Michele Boyd, Clare Grant, Milynn Sarley & Rileah Vanderbilt) and directed by Dave Yarvo.

Featuring cameos by Al Yankovic, Aisha Tyler, Grant Imahara & Ashley Holliday.

 You’ve waited a long time for this haven’t you?

We know. Us too.

We were waiting to bring you something special, and by golly, we’ve done it. This music video is special to us because it’s our first original song, and in it, we sing about all the geektastic stuff that brought us together at the most geektastic place on Earth:

San Diego Comic Con.

We feel like it’s a song everyone can get behind, regardless of their geekery, because it’s a song about people putting aside whatever damage they have acquired in their life’s quest, and coming together to have fun and win at life as equals.

For the Win.

Watch it. Share it. Download the song.


“For the Win” Lyrics

Win Win Win
Everybody for the win
Come together join the team

We’ll show you what it means

(Whoa Whoa Whoa)


Win Win Win
Everybody for the win

Double Rainbows every day

Metroid we will play

(Whoa Whoa Whoa)


Win Win Win


–I played Magic the Gathering

–And knew all about the One Ring

–My friends never understanding

–I thought it was only me

–Then like the lions in Voltron
–We came together one year at comic con

–All around us Orcs, X-Men, Thundercats

–We weren’t alone, now we’ve found our home


Win Win Win
Everybody for the win
Come together join the team We’ll show you what it means

(Whoa Whoa Whoa)

Win Win Win
Everybody for the win

Double Rainbows everyday

Zelda we will play


Win Win Win


–Now we all plan Harry Potter movie nights
–Around our weekly lightsaber fights
–Our powers are stronger than the true source

–Together we’re more (and more and more and more)

–Winter’s Coming and only we can handle it
–Come with us, ‘cause we’re fiercer than the Mord’sith.

–We’ll prove to you that unicorns do exist
–You’re not alone, now you’ve found your home.


Win Win Win
Everybody for the win
Come together join the team

We’ll show you what it means

(Whoa Whoa Whoa)


Win Win Win
Everybody for the win

Double rainbows every day

Ninja Gaiden we will play

(Whoa Whoa Whoa)


Win Win Win
Monday’s fighting robots

Tuesday’s reading comics

Wednesday’s raiding all the way to Thursday

Reforging weapons on Friday for larping
Where did my weekend gooooooo?



Win Win Win
Everybody for the win

(Aah Ah)

Come on kick some ass
It’s gonna be a blast

(Ah Aah Aah)

(Whoa Whoa Whoa)

Win Win Win
Everybody for the win

(Aah Ah)

Try to not be scared
We promise to play fair

(Ah Aah Aah)

Win Win Win

(Whoa Whoa Whoa)

Everybody for the win

(Whoa Whoa Whoa)

Come together join the team

We’ll show you what it means

(Whoa Whoa Whoa)

Win Win Win

Everybody for the win

(Whoa Whoa Whoa)

We don’t care what they say

(Whoa Whoa Whoa)

We could play all day

(Whoa Whoa Whoa)


Win Win Win




Happy Valentine’s Day from Team Unicorn!!

On this Valentine’s Day, we hope you remember that even superheroes need love!

Luckily, Team Unicorn brings you the dating service that can help.

Trailer for Team Unicorn’s NEW Music Video “For the Win” on IGN

New Team Unicorn Trailer – Get Ready “For the Win”

The Geek and Gamer girls are back and going into battle.

by Eric Goldman
February 12, 2013

Having first gained attention with their popular Geek & Gamer Girls video, Team Unicorn — Michele Boyd, Clare Grant, Milynn Sarley, and Rileah Vanderbilt — have produced several videos since, giving their specific, comedic take on geek culture.

Teaming with Stage Five Studios, Team Unicorn has a new video set to debut on March 4th and IGN has the debut of the trailer for it. Called “For the Win,” the music video features Team Unicorn fighting the good fight in a war against a mysterious Dr. Claw-like enemy. From the inclusion of the one ring to the familiar face to Harry Potter fans on posters in the background, look for plenty of references throughout.

Per usual for Team Unicorn, there are also several notable cameos, including Aisha Tyler, Grant Imahara and Ashley Holliday – and one other top secret cameo from a beloved figure in the music industry. Dave Yarvo, who directed “Geek & Gamer Girls”, returned to helm “For the Win.”

Check out the trailer below, along with more photos from the video.

Aisha Tyler in “For the Win”

by Eric Goldman

Team Unicorn on Chiller’s “Most Horrifying Hook-ups” special

Premieres Friday, February 8 at 8P ET

Just in time for Valentine’s Day comes the latest installment of Chiller’s popular countdown franchise, “Chiller 13.” This time, they’re focusing on Hollywood’s most fatal (and memorable) attractions. Featuring appearances and commentary by CJ Thomason (Harper’s IslandThe Monkey’s Paw), Colin Ferguson (Eureka), Magda Apanowicz (CapricaKyle XYDead Souls), Team Unicorn (Clare Grant, Michele Boyd, Mylinn Sarley & Rileah Vanderbilt) and Judah Friedlander (30 Rock), amongst others.

Will one of your favorite couples make the list?

Watch Team Unicorn and more of your favorite actors on the Chiller TV Network or online HERE.


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