Unicorns + Alcohol + Cards Against Humanity = A Magical Disaster.

or children.
or dragons.

Hello Unicorns!!!

In honor of two of our all time favorite unicorns, Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day,
Team Unicorn got together for their International Table Top Day celebration to play the most fun (and dirty) games ever made:
Cards Against Humanity.

We have two videos for you.

You’re welcome.

Unicorns Against Humanity Part One:

Do yourself a favor and watch this video four times, picking one unicorn to watch the entire time. You may learn something about your favorite unicorn.

Unicorns Against Humanity Part Two:

We warned you. Now we’re warning you again. Not safe for work. Or children. Or dragons…apparently.

The UniCorps Wants YOU! (new video)

The UniCorps Wants YOU!


Team Unicorn does their part to save the world.

Are you doing yours?

Now you can.

Watch this recruitment video
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Isn’t love grand?  It certainly can be a little tough out there to find that special someone.  Especially if you happen to be a superhero or supervillain. Enter Team Unicorn’s latest collaboration with Sean Becker (The Guild) and Colton Dunn (MADtv), “superHarmony”.  superHarmony is a parody of the dating service eHarmony, featuring real life people meeting the love of their lives through the superHarmony website.  Derek Mears (Friday the 13th) portrays a romantic but still devious Lex Luthor.  To complete the feeling of this mock-commercial, the girls created the website www.superHarmony.com for your viewing pleasure.

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