We designed My Little Pony tshirts for WeLoveFine.com!!

Unicorns for My Little Pony!!

Hello Unicorns!!!

We have partnered up with WeLoveFine to create My Little Pony tshirts,
designed by US!! Pick yours up today.

These are the first of many different brands that we will be designing Tshirts for with WeLoveFine.
Stay tuned!!

Don’t forget to watch our
music video!!

Watch the girls of Team Unicorn battle the forces of evil alongside cameos from Aisha Tyler, Mythbuster’s Grant Imahara and the mysterious Dr. Claw – Al Yankovic!!

Click any picture below to see the video.


Valentine’s Day SALESTRAVAGANZA!!!

Team Unicorn and Naturalized Citizen Skincare!!

At  NCSC, they fly their Geek Flag high! The company was founded by a Tolkien loving, Green Ajah wannabe, history nerd, orbiter of the Whedonverse, with no qualms about quoting Obi-Wan to get out of a speeding ticket… who also happens to be a woman.

I am proud and honored to have the chance for Team Unicorn to team up with NCSC to bring you the Unicorn Kisses Giftset, a combo of four tinted lip balms, with four unique and shimmery color combinations, each named after a member of Team Unicorn (In tubes made of 100% post consumer recycled material, because unicorns love the Earth!).

30% of online sales of the giftset will go to benefit the ASPCA, a charity loved by geek guys and gals alike.