Where did all the Unicorns go???

Greetings UniCorps!!!

Have you been wondering where we’ve been? We’ve been wondering where we’ve been. Ha!

To answer that question-we have been working on the pilot for Adult Swim. Animation is a long process, and since this is the first episode, we are creating the main assets for the first time, which takes longer than just creating episodes and using assets that are already in place. We knocked out the live action shoot of the pilot in two days. Two. Days. Easy stuff.

Why aren’t we producing new content in the mean time? Because of our deal with Adult Swim, we are limited in what we can produce under the Team Unicorn banner. But don’t worry, now that all the pre-production work on the pilot is in done and it is far, far away being animated, we are brainstorming new fun ideas that we hope to shoot while we wait on the animation.

What is a pilot? For those of you who do not know, a pilot is the first episode of a series, and is used for the network to decide whether or not they want to order a full series. So right now, we only have a pilot. Fingers crossed Adult Swim loves the pilot and orders a full series. Then you will have a weekly dose of unicorn magic.


Team Unicorn

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